Durable, Slip Resistant, European Made, All Day Comfort Gumboots

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NORA Polyurethane professional gumboot range offers a new standard of excellence, thanks to a balance  of high quality, innovation and practicality. They provide superior slip resistance, thermal insulation and durability under diverse conditions.  Polyurethane gum boots will wear up to 3  times longer than traditional gumboots . The anatomical foot-bed ensures all day comfort. Tough, yet light.

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 Nora Max

This heavy duty gumboot  is made from a special polyurethane blend, which creates a high quality, long life gumboot. The anti-slip sole provides safety in slippery conditions.  Supremely comfortable yet light to wear, with good heat insulation; Cool in summer and Warm in winter. Reduces fatigue when used all day.

The anti slip properties make this gumboot ideal for both the Dairy Shed and general  farm work.

Available in NZ Sizes 3.5 through to 14

Recommended for Dairy Farming, Agriculture and Forestry Industries.



Mega Max  has all the features of the Nora Max  plus an anti-perforation steel mid-sole and a steel cap toe for added safety.

Only Available in Dark Olive Green : Hi Vis Yellow on request.

Available in NZ Sizes 4 through to 13

Recommended for building, roading, mining and other heavy industrial uses.

MultiMax Steel Toe Cap

Made with a special polyurethane blend, which creates a high quality, hard-wearing safety gumboot. MultiMax has  great anti-slip properties and is highly chemical and fat resistant. Supremely comfortable yet light to wear, with good heat insulation;

Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter.

Professional Gumboot for the Food Processing Industry . Fishing, Dairy or Wet manufacturing

Standard EN ISO 20345:2007 S4 SRC

Available in NZ Sizes 6.5 through to 13

Recommended for the food processing industry.


NORA produces the Dolomit within a range of gumboots containing the unique patented compound “Gommaforte”. This unique blend of materials gives a high resistance to animal fats, vegetable oils, manure, fertilizers and chemical agents as well as great flexibility at low temperatures; also strong tear resistance and ongoing elasticity ensure a good quality long life boot. The materials used are free from Nickel, Lead and Cadmium.

These gumboots have anti-slip, anti-abrasion and shock absorbing features. They are also highly resistant to chemicals and fats. The boot is tear resistant and flexible at low temperatures. The Dolomit are unlined for easy cleaning

The Unique Tractor Tread sole makes this Gumboot very grippy in greasy conditions, Ideal for the cowshed and very long lasting.

Available in NZ Sizes 7 through to 13

Currently in Green only

Recommended for Agriculture and Forestry Industries.

Ascot F  Riding Boot

A full length durable Riding Boot : Made in Italy.

Whether riding or working around the yard; the  anatomical design delivers close fitting comfort and the lightly textured tread provides stirrup safety without compromising the ant-slip properties.

Features a soft and flexible upper, with an inner lining of a damp absorbing, anti-bacterial and breathable polyester, which is washable.

Available in NZ Sizes 3.5 through to 10.5

Recommended for both Professional and Leisure  Horse Riders.

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