Durable, Slip Resistant, European Made, All Day Comfort Gumboots

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Hayden Lawrence farms 250 cows at Eltham Taranaki

I have always struggled to find a pair of boots that that can be used for milking and general farm work, I use my Nora gumboots across everything I do now. They have really good features, great comfort and grip, my feet don’t heat up like they do in other boots and they stand up to the punishment they get on a daily basis. I would recommend Nora boots to anyone who wants a bloody good pair of gummies for themselves or their staff.

Hayden Lawrence - Testimonial for Nora Gumboots

Annemarie Robb - Landscaper Hamilton

Annemarie Robb of Gumboot Girl Ltd said she finds Nora Megamax Boots “heaps better and much more comfortable” than other gumboots.

Jack Hooper - LIC Consultant and Lifestyle Farmer Waikato

I wore the Nora boots almost every day through the winter and spring period for either gardening of farm work, shifting cattle etc. I have found them to be very easy to wear and are both comfortable and light.

Charles Brooking - Dry Stock Farming Motumaoho Waikato

I purchased my first pair of Nora size 8 gum boots in 2011 and have been absolutely impressed with the superior comfort of this boot compared to the other brands which I have worn over the years. The other brands of boots I could only wear them for a few hours in the morning, as the make my feet hot, swollen and the boot lets water in over the top of the boot. The Nora gum boot is so comfortable and snug fitting that I can wear this boot all day. That is amazing for me as I used to prefer hard leather boots to work in, now I can work all day in my Nora boots. The boots are easy to put on and give me great grip in the wet. These boots are going the distance, are hard wearing, and I would recommend them to anyone. I do a lot of walking up and down steep hills and this boot holds and supports my foot all day.

Stacey Brew - LIC Sample Technician Waikato

I really like these boots. They’re durable and comfortable. I find they are more slip resistant than other boots, especially in muddy paddocks. I’ve had no slips in my Nora boots, where I usually would while moving my horses across slippery muddy ground. I also like that they don’t give skinburn. I fully recommended these boots!

Kobus Engelbrecht sharemilks at Horahora - Arapuni in Waikato

In the past I’ve had trouble finding boots that fit my feet well and keep them comfortable all day long. During the peak season I can be on my feet up to twelve hours a day so comfort is really important. My Nora Dolomits are flexible and lightweight, they also give a snug fit so my feet don’t ache at the end of the day. I’ve also noticed they don’t leave a hairless rub mark on the back of my legs that other boots do. In times where mud or water have found their way into my boots I’ve found it handy that they have no inner lining as it’s easy to pour out and they dry quickly. From now on I’ll be sticking with Nora Boots.

Tony Evans - AB Technician South Island

I work as an A.I. Tech down in the Sth Island and my Wife had bought me some Berkina’s. They felt OK when I tried them on but were tiring to wear all day and moved around on my foot whilst working, twisting my socks to uncomfortable positions. The Nora Dolomits are, always comfortable and easily cleaned when leaving one shed for the next. I remember wearing Noras in the UK and after a couple of days they became individualised, sort of took the shape of your foot and you knew pretty quick if you’d picked up someone else’s. And I remember finishing up in the Pub with them on because they were so comfortable, you didn’t realise you hadn’t changed them to go out.